Thanks for showing interest in our franchise ABC

ABC (A BEVERAGE CLUB) is the best franchise at a low cost for the best quality suppliers. We are looking to expand ABC globally. We have seen and research a lot of local beverage franchises we coming with overcoming the problem on that and show the best view from our side to the franchiser. 

          Our ABC franchise is the best business offer unlikely any other.

We can serve the beverage suitable for weather conditions. Hot and Cold, Sweet and Salt and also having the Stuff to full you belly.


Those who are having an interest in the café style business they can easily afford to start our ABC franchise in 2Lakhs. In that fee, we offer marketing, a complete startup kit (consist of Refrigerator, deep freezer, stove utensils etc.), and initial stock to start business.


  •  Min 100 sqft (kiosk)

  •  Min 300 Sqft (outlet)

  •  It should in a busy location, Colleges, Hospitals, Bus stands, Railway stations, and Highways. Also, it should have free parking space.


The outlet should have a tile floor, kitchen partition water connection, and outlet counter.


Have min 2 employees who will be trained by our chef to run your business. Anybody can learn the entire ABC menu in 3 or 4 days.



The profits you have is 40% to 80% 

Avg payback is 5 to 10 months.

Starting Price 10/- (Desi Tee)

Maximum Price 100/- (Sur Charge)

Stuff Starting Price 5/-(Samosa)

Stuff Maximum Price 100/-(Sandwich)